BOOKBLOG: Will Mabbitt

This Is Not A Fairy Tale: fun, funny, fabulous!


“Sophie doesn’t want a fairy tale about drippy princesses and pompous princes, she wants the princess to do the rescuing, with a ferocious, fighting transformer! Together Sophie and her dad revolutionise story time for a second time in this clever, funny and heart-ravingly exciting picture book, sure to inspire and delight every little girl and boy.

Storytime will never be the same again”

When I received an email from my lovely book fairy Sarah at Penguin asking me if I would like a copy of this, I jumped at the chance! I love Will Mabbitt stories (see: BOOKBLOG: Will Mabbitt for more love) and this looked like a perfect book to take to school! 

This Is Not A Fairy Tale is a brilliant book about the power of imagination. Sophie changes her usual prince-saving-princess fairy tale into an amazing story of princesses saving princes, featuring transforming combine harvesters, jet packs and bald princes


I loved the fact that this was about an awesome princess saving a prince! I took this book to school and read it to some of my littles and they absolutely loved it. One of the girls said “Miss, I’m going to write my own story about an awesome princess like this one cause girls are strong and cool. More than princes!“. One of my quiet boys commented on the illustrations saying, “Miss, I wish I could draw like that. It’s like the man who drew the pictures made the story come to life. Imagine if I could do that job when I’m older“. Kids are the cutest. They absolutely loved this book and it remained in the reading corner for a few days, with someone reading it at every opportunity!

It would be a brilliant book to read for a fairy tales topic! Brilliant for KS1 classrooms, even lower KS2 classes. I think my Y4s would love this book! I may take it to read to them this week. 


Have you read This Is Not A Fairy Tale?
Which fairy tale would you love to be part of?
Which kick ass princess is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments or on twitter! I love me a picture book, and a kick ass princess even more!!

S x

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