See the good in the world…

A while back I posted my first post about things I’m thankful for/things that make me happy (check it out here: Happy things…) inspired by my gorgeous friend Grace. Today we have post 2 of things that make me happy… it’s important to remember good things! I beat myself up often so having posts like this are brilliant for me.

Things that have made me happy recently:

YALC announcements. Sunny days. Coffee. Spending time with friends. Road trips. Kids lit. YA books. Rainbow bookshelves. Trips to Waterstones. Brilliant lessons. Unexpected great lessons. University results. Texts from friends. Tweets from friends. Looking forward to the future. Working hard and seeing the results. Listening to the rain. Texts from my brother. Ed Sheeran tickets. Ed Sheeran lyrics. Buying books as presents. Ariana Grande songs. Friends buying me amazing books. Countdown to summer. Trampolining. Sebastian Roche. Despacito. 

What about you?
What’s made you smile recently? 
What would make your happy list?

Let me know in the comments, or share a link to your own post! I would love to see more happy positivity going round. 

S x

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