The Inventing Tubes: funny, cute, brilliant for kids!img_4365.jpg

“Marc Macaroni uses the Inventing Tubed to invent the fantastic Pastaball. Sarah Spaghetti, who is always impatient, tries to invent her own Pastaball without reading the instructions properly! The Pasta Petz arrive in the Pastamobile to save the day – but they are all so busy that no-one hears the Pasta Beasties in the distance!”

I was lucky enough to be sent this by the author herself and took it into school! The kids absolutely loved it – one of them even said “MISS! THOSE CHARACTERS ARE ALL PASTA! CAN WE MAKE THEM AND EAT THEM?”. Who was I to say no? We didn’t make them but we designed different pasta characters and looked at different pasta shapes… it was something a little bit different indeed!


The story is all about how Sarah rushes ahead to create something just like Marc and how it goes wrong because she doesn’t do it carefully and patiently. It’s told in a very fun and zany way that the kids loved it. It was fun to read to them because there’a quite a few interesting words and lots of pasta words involved! The kids had a (pasta) ball listening to this and it was definitely popular in the reading corner when I put it out!

This book is a whole lot of fun and certainly very unique! I don’t know that I’ve come across many, if any, books that have pasta based characters. The illustrations are brilliant too! Inspiring kids to design their own characters is certainly an achievement!

I can’t wait to see the next one in the series! This one was a lot of fun! 

Have you guys read this? 
Would you like to share something pasta based with your kids?

Go follow the author @ThePastaKidz on twitter and find out more!

S x


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