I Wish My Teacher Knew…

As you know from my #AskMissElliott posts (#AskMissElliott 3#AskMissElliott 2Ask Miss Elliott) I have been sharing things with my Year 4 class as they’ve had the chance to ask me questions which I answer. This week I saw on Twitter the idea of ‘I wish my teacher knew…’ and I thought it would be an interesting thing to do with my class. (I’m so sorry I can’t find the original tweet to share or give credit, if anyone finds it then I will give rightful credit) The kids came in on Friday morning and I asked them to finish the sentence telling me something about themselves that I may not know. I told them I wasn’t going to share them if they didn’t want me to (most of them didn’t). A few of them surprised me with their fact. There weren’t any serious revelations but there were some lovely ones and some I never would’ve guessed so I thought I’d share!

“I wish my teacher knew… that when I grow up I want to be an electric engineer”
(This is one of my girls and I will be promoting this SO HARD. Yes to girls in STEM!)


“I wish my teacher knew… I wish she could speak Spanish”
(Me too kid, me too!)


“I wish my teacher knew… that I want to be a footballer and an author when I grow up.”
(Yes kid, you reach that high. I will be here when you are living your dream!)


“I wish my teacher knew that I love literacy/I wish my teacher knew I love art”
A few of the children shared things like this and I thought it was lovely that they wanted to share positive opinions about school. Fostering a positive attitude to school is so important… we need to maintain this in our kids! 


“I wish my teacher knew that she is the best teacher ever”
(Now, I got lovely messages like this from 3 different children so naturally it made me smile so hard. My kids bring me such joy that hearing positive things back always makes my heart so happy)

It’s so important to give kids a voice in the classroom. Make them feel important. Let them share things about themselves. They may not share much the first time but give them time and they’ll tell you something. Listen to them. 

S x

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