2017 reading challenges

So I’m now invested in the British Book Challenge for 2017! Woohoo. I have to make sure that I’m keeping track of my books much better! Eeeeek. That’s pretty scary.

In 2015 I was really good at tracking my books on Goodreads but this year I’ve been really shocking so I have NO idea how many books I’ve read. Probably not as many as I would like to have! I remember in 2015 when the kids found out that I had read more than 52 books, they were absolutely astounded. I mean, I can read a book in a week… so that is my pledge for 2017…

I will read at least 52 books. 

You guys are more than welcome to keep me accountable. I will post a blog post for each and every single one if I can. I will blog weekly. I have made that pledge. I won’t stop blogging. I have a big year coming. But I need to keep reading. It is good for my brain. Part of my dissertation is about me modelling “good reading” and what impact it has on the children so this is brilliant. A very good tie in! 

There’s a bunch of teachers in a group on Goodreads too, also pledging to read 52 books in 2017… follow the #52books2017 if you’re interested in their progress.

That is my pledge to books in 2017. 

Are you making a 2017 book pledge? 

S x

One thought on “2017 reading challenges

  1. Teresa Cremin says:

    I’d be interested to know what difference you feel reading a book a week – are they children’s books or mixed?- makes to you role in school- Reading Teachers- teachers who read and readers who teach make a real difference in my view!


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