Hello 2017!

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I was asleep (probably) when Big Ben struck 12. I’m not a massive fan of New Year, I just don’t GET it. Like wooooo it’s a new year, I have to write ’17 instead of ’16 at the end of my date. I know some people love it but not me. It’s not for me. As Holly Bourne put it in her newest book “It’s not about new beginnings, or the best nights of your life, or your great lost love hunting you down at the countdown to tell you he made a horrible mistake letting you go!” (thanks films for convincing me that that’s what New Year was about!)

But anyway, I’m not a huge fan of resolutions anyway… they’re destined to be broken ha! This year I’m going to make “plans” (is that a good word for them? WHO KNOWS!) Things I hope for myself for 2017 – I’m going to make a work specific one next week, so I’ll try and avoid work themed plans in this post – don’t worry I’m not going to rabbit on for ages!

I will be healthy. 
Not skinny, not thinner. Diet culture and skinny culture bother me so so so much. I don’t want my twiglets growing up in a world that tells them they have to look and weigh a certain amount to get the man, or the job or whatever. It’s toxic and damaging. I’m not blind to the fact that I need to lose weight but I want to lose weight in my own time, by my own healthy ways. I don’t want to spend my life talking about losing weight, the latest diet/fad or not eating what I want because it’s “not good for me”. Let me make those decisions thanks, I’m an adult. I just want to be healthy. I’ll choose how that works in my life thanks. Stop telling me to eat kale and I need to be a certain size. 

I will be fitter.
Again, this whole “go to the gym/exercise all the time” thing is not for me. A few years ago I was a good gym goer and then life just got on top of me. Life does that. I want to find an exercise class I like. I want to go for more walks. I want to enjoy whatever it is that will make me fitter. STOP telling me I need to run. I HATE running.

I will see my family and friends often.
I have the most amazing family and friends around me and sometimes life stops me from seeing them. I want to make sure that I get to see my favourite people in the world often. They keep my happy sensors going. Seeing the twiglets, or my best friends, or that friend I’ve been meaning to meet up with for months. That’s what I want to do. Life’s stressful and tough, and I need PEOPLE around me to keep me ticking over.

I will keep blogging.
Blogging is one of my favourite things I discovered in 2016. I didn’t know that I would quite enjoy it as much as I do. I want to keep going. I would love to reach more people. But blogging isn’t my job – blogging is my hobby. I would love to get more involved in events and groups in 2017. I want to keep #SundayYA in my life. Those girls are some of my favourites. I want to get to some bookish events this year too. I think YALC will be on the cards. That terrifies me, but thrills me. I pledge to post at least 3/4 times a week. I hope you keep reading.

I will read.
I love reading. I can’t imagine NOT reading. I will keep reading. And doing bookish things. And buying books (oops!) I will keep doing it because I love it. 

I’m going to try and do all these things because they are the things that make me happy. Essentially that’s what matters. I’m quite a serious person, I take life quite seriously. I need to try and take life with a pinch of salt in 2017 and remember that it’s ok to fall down as long as you pick yourself up again. 

S x

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