BOOKBLOG: Nightmare Before Christmas

Having just recently (as in in the past few months or so) seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, I have been in a very Jack place! He’s adorable, and scary, and cute and just I adore him. 

When my publicist friend Sarah (who’s absolutely amazing FYI) sent round a press release for The Nightmare Before Christmas as a book I KNEW I had to have it. I emailed Sarah straight back saying I would love to see a copy if there was one for me! IT ARRIVED. And it is majestic.


LOOK AT IT. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Look at Jack in his amazing Santa suit. It is incredible. I love it. 

The book tells the original story which inspired the screenplay, which has never been available to us poor folk in the UK (lucky America!). It has been released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Jack Skellington and his weird bunch of friends.

img_2999The illustrations in this book are absolutely gorgeous. It is written and illustrated by Tim Burton himself, and my word can you tell.  He has a very unique style, very true to Jack and the illustrations are just incredible. There are some exclusive illustrations that have never been seen in print anywhere else! How exciting. I loved all of the different pictures. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone! Go out and buy it!

Illustrations are one of my favourite things about children’s books because I think they bring so much extra to the page. Children are very lucky that they always get illustrations to accompany the words. Just look at this picture from one of the first pages! It is so amazing. Look at tall old Jack there, in all his Halloween-y goodness.

Suffice to say when this book arrived I was super excited and I decided that I needed to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas again. As I’m just a new fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas I have much to say about it! But I would absolutely recommend this beautifully illustrated, amazing story to everyone. I may need to buy another copy to share with my cousin and my twiglets! I am not sharing this copy… it’s too pretty!

S x

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