Competition win!!

Recently I entered a competition to win some bookish goodies from the wonderful Michelle Toy on Twitter! I enter a few competitions now and again on Twitter but don’t seem to win… BUT THIS TIME I DID. WOOOOP.


LOOK AT IT! It was SO GORGEOUS. When I found out I won I was so excited and when it arrived I was even more excited. IT CAME IN A BLACK ENVELOPE FILLED WITH PETALS. How glorious. I wish I had got a picture of the envelope. I didn’t even know black envelopes were a thing!

So here is the contents of my wonderful package:
– Pirate rock (Obviously I love rock… who doesn’t?!)
– Postcards (I love me some postcards! I wish people sent them more often)
– A bloody adorable pink cat rubber!
– A Day of the Dead/Mexican inspired yellow rubber (at least I think it’s a rubber!)
– A pencil with a UNICORN rubber on the end (amazing!)
– A cat lolly WHICH HAS EARS (I don’t want to eat it cause the ears are the cutest!)
– The cutest bracelet ever, I am going to put it on and it’s going to stay on forever!

A BOOK. OBVIOUSLY. The book that was the main reason for the winning was Deviants by C.J.Skuse!


“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves
Ella, Max, Corey, Fallon and Zane.
The Fearless Five, inseparable as children growing up in a sleepy English seaside town. But when Max’s older sister is killed, the friendship seems to die with her.
Only Max and Ella are in touch, still best friends and a couple since they were thirteen. But Ella is hiding things – like why she’s afraid to take their relationship to the next level. And when underdog Corey is bullied, the Fearless Five are brought back together again, teaming up to wreak havoc and revenge on those who have wronged them. But when the secrets they are keeping can no longer be kept quiet, will their fearlessness be enough to save them from themselves?”

HOW EXCITING. I may use this as my travelling to YA Shot book. I have SO MANY books on my TBR pile. But yesssssssssss! I love bookish competitions so much.

If you’d like to follow Michelle, because well let’s face it she’s pretty awesome, you can do so on Twitter or you can check out her blog (which you absolutely should, her blog is amazing!).

Have any of you read this? What did you think? Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@eenalol)!

S x

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