Dissertation terror!

As many of you know I am currently a part time student at Sunderland Uni studying for a BA Hons in Education. It is TOUGH working full time and being a student part time. I won’t skirt around the issue… it’s tiring, hard work and taxing on my brain. Thursdays are hard. I am work for 7am and then I leave work, and travel to Sunderland (luckily I get 30 mins on a metro which I use as reading time for me… otherwise I go mad!) and study from 5-9, getting home anywhere from 9:45-10:30. But y’know what? I wouldn’t change it. We have an amazing bunch of people on my course and I have most definitely made some firm friends. Anyone who, like me, works in a school and doesn’t have a degree but would like to be a teacher then I would recommend giving it a go. As long as you’re committed and can devote your time to work and study then you can do it. I can. I am.

So I passed my first year and, because of all of my experience, I only have to do 2 years at uni… which means this is my second and last year so that means DISSERTATION. TERROR.

Having spent most of the summer thinking about my dissertation I knew I wanted to do it about reading. That will not be a surprise to any of you, since half of my life is reading and half of my life is teaching. Initially I thought about reluctant readers and focusing on them but after some thought I have come up with this (very loose) working title…

Creating lifelong readers – inspiring and sustaining children’s interest in literature.

This way I feel I can incorporate all kinds of aspects: children who read for pleasure, reluctant readers, early childhood love for books, what barriers teachers have to overcome to get children interested in books.

At the minute it is VERY broad and I will need to narrow it down to something particular, and I will have to do an AWFUL lot of work. But now that it has a title, and a direction I am pretty happy with it.

I love reading, and I think reading is SO VITAL.

Let me know what you think about my title! Do you like it? Have you got anything to input? Any literature to help me? Any advice?

S x

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