I grew up reading Roald Dahl and one of my favourites was absolutely The BFG. When I found out there was going to be a live action film version, I was a little worried. I always worry when there are going to the live action versions of books/animated films I love (Beauty and the Beast fears!). I’ve seen all the adverts for it and I’m quite looking forward to going to see it!

In the last term and a bit, Year 1 had had an amazing student Miss B and she had been reading The BFG to them at home time, so naturally I tried to uphold this tradition. One afternoon of covering I had a bit of spare time so I thought it would be nice to do some BFG related work. But what could I do?

We talked about dreams a bit and the children suggested that they fill a dream jar with some happy dreams that the BFG could take away with him to give to children who weren’t having very happy dreams. I was so touched. This was a lovely idea. After a quick spy on Twinkl (if you’re in education and you don’t know about Twinkl then please god get to know Twinkl, it’s amazing… but we’ll talk more about them in another blog post!) I found a blank dream jar… TADA! The children had an amazing time designing happy dreams to give to other children and it was an instant talking point when other people came in the classroom. Governors, the head, other teachers and other students were amazed. And the children loved the fact they had come up with the idea and I had gone with it. Sometimes it’s the little things!

Follow the link, log in and download the blank dream jars for yourself:

What about you… have you done any BFG inspired activities in class? How would you use the dream jars? Let me know! Tweet me (@eenalol) or comment to inspire me!

S x

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